The Indigenous Emergency is the front of the indigenous movement in Brazil in confronting the pandemic of COVID-19 and its expansion over the territories and native peoples.

The front organizes plans, projects and actions created from the need to monitor and analyze the impact of the virus on indigenous peoples, provide inputs and develop specific and differentiated coping strategies, and safeguard the memory and knowledge threatened by the death of our relatives.


Coping plans for covid-19 were prepared by apib and its regional organizations, in order to direct appropriate actions on a national and local scale according to their specificities.


The underreporting of cases of COVID-19 in Brazil has been practiced in all areas and reaching all groups during the pandemic. However, the complexity of the situation of indigenous people in the country reveals conditions of vulnerability and institutional racism that threaten indigenous peoples especially.


In an effort to monitor the expandion of the disease on the territory and indigenous peoples and to produce inputs for the development of coping strategies, the National Committee for Indigenous Life and Memory was created.

COVID-19 cases are investigated daily, and confirmed through direct contact with indigenous leaders and local organizations, including indigenous people living in urban areas (neglected by SESAI) and respecting peoples’ self-recognition.


In addition to the virus, threats to indigenous peoples are many and intensify in the face of neglect and attacks by the federal government. Attempts at legislative change, hate speech, institutional racism, and the advance of agribusiness over territories characterize the relationship of the federal government with Brazilian Indians.


In the face of serious human rights violations, threats to the peoples and their territories, a report channel was opened where relatives and allies can report threats and violations of their rights.

Based on the testimonies received, APIB is organizing the “Report on Violations against Indigenous Peoples in the context of the Covid-19 pandemic in Brazil”, fundamental material to support complaints and legal actions nationally and internationally.

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There are already many deaths of indigenous people infected by covid-19 in Brazil, several peoples already affected. These are hands that won’t hold the Maracá, voices that stop sounding, stories of struggles that stop abruptly. But these stories and voices are still alive, screaming into the heart and memory of each indigenous person who remains to face all the weapons that insistently try to silence them.

Memorial of life and indigenous memory

We are not just numbers! Indigenous lives matter, we need to know the stories of those we are missing.

We need to humanize this data! As the leadership Célia Xakriabá says: “this is not just an arithmetic account”.
The Memorial da Vida Indígena was born with the objective of humanizing this sad fact. We need to pay homage to those who are leaving and re-signify their stories to us who remain.